How to write about your kiss

Hello there, you.

You are here because you have a phenomenally-gorgeous kiss story you want to tell, and you want to do it right. Yes? Yes. That’s what I’m here for.

I’ve been coaching and facilitating writers for years and I am about to reduce all those years of lessons down to three essential things. Here we go:

  1. Get physical. You have five senses for a reason. Of course the person you’re kissing is the most important thing, but fill the scene out. What colour is the sky? What can you hear? What smells are lingering near your nose? This is how you bring the reader in and make your story real.
  2. Be radically honest. This is anonymous after all! Take that permission and bust through any greeting card pleasantries. Tell us the real story. Show what makes this kiss different from every other one on the map. Let us in to the details that only you and your kissing partner know. Whisper in our ears.
  3. Give us a tiny glimpse of the big picture. This isn’t the place to unload the entire saga of your relationship, but the greatest kiss stories give the reader a tiny look at where this kiss fits. “Twelve years and four kids later, we still kiss every night.” “She moved to Australia two weeks later and never wrote a post card.” “Now I’m married to his little brother.” You get the gist.

If you want more direction, here’s a 10-minute audio workshop where I’ll walk you through getting even deeper into that memory. Just grab a pen and paper, hit play, and prepare to amaze yourself.

Here’s to beautiful storytelling!

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